Red Dress Party

We support Red Dress PDX. They throw a great party every year and the proceeds from it go to charity. You can learn more about The Party at their website.  This year's theme is Totally Red, an 80s flashback.


May 18, 2019

Portland Pride

Find out more at Portland Pride NW. The main event in Portland is always Father's Day weekend.


June 2019

Harvey Milk Painting Dedication

2pm, October 21st, 2018

at The Roxy

San Diego City Commissioner, Nicole Murray Ramirez presented Suzanne Hale, owner of The Roxy, with a special painting of Harvey Milk, by artist Clarione Gutierrez. The painting is being gifted in recognition of The Roxy and our efforts on behalf of the Harvey Milk Street Project.
KOIN 6 covered the event.
Rose Court Coronation

Congratulations to The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court for 60 years of serving the community!

To get tickets to the coronation and to find out more you can visit


October 20th, 2018


Come in and show us your costumes. Take a picture of your pretty face and tag us on Intagram @theroxypdx.


On Halloween. Duh.

Closed for

Christmas is one of the few holidays we decide not to spend with you. This is time to go home, visit friends and family, or just chill for once. Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a good one.


Open for
New Year's
New Year's

We are always open for New Year's. Come have a gluttonous pre-party snack or your first meal of the new year with us. 


New Year's Eve and Day