A black and white photo of few of our staff with the lovely Suzanne

We don't hire often. If you're looking to apply anyway, come down between 9am to 5pm and fill out an application.



Old school full service diner with a myriad of naughty foods to choose from, and a TON of personality! 

Breakfast served all day. Sorry, no beer or other adult libations, but we CAN help you sober up after the bars close or soothe you the morning after with some of our famous hangover helpers. 

Cute-as-heck staff with some serious diner skillz, herkin' huge pancakesburgers and omelettes, and the best damned jukebox in town! All at reasonable prices.


Contact us if ya want. We'll get your message eventually. This form is not meant for time sensitive communications, reservations, job applications/inquiries, test results, or medication refills.

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